K. T. Edwards is the author of the humorous, non-fiction narrative "Whatever Happened To Romance?" 

K.T. Edwards discovered her passion for writing at the age of five, when she began scribbling her observations into a royal purple diary. ( It was mainly filled with ineligible notes about her love of sailor moon and jelly beans but at the time it felt like groundbreaking prose.) She later pursued her love of writing by graduating from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada with a degree in Media Production and English.

After graduation, K. T. Edwards got a job writing advice articles for professional women who were looking for love.  It was then that she discovered her passion for writing pieces that could help women in dealing with matters of the heart. 

A year later she was approached by a publisher to write a self-help book but decided to take the project in a different direction. Instead, she wrote a satirical collection of real stories exploring the the challenges the modern day single girl is faced with. After being published on January 26th 2015, Whatever Happened To Romance? became number one on iTunes within 24 hours and continues to grow in popularity among women due to it's humorous and honest approach to love and dating.

K. T. Edwards believes that the dating game is harder than it's ever been but that true love does still exist. Sometimes it takes a lot of wrong decisions before you find your Mr. Right. K. T., continues to to write about love and dating on her website, social media and on various other online platforms. She is currently a contributing writer for Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, She Does The City, and BuzzFeed. 

K. T. Edwards, is located in Toronto, Canada, where she lives with her boyfriend and no longer brings home stray men. Being an animal activist, she brings home stray dogs instead.