11 Factors That Determine If A Girl Will Go Out

  1. If she has a cute outfit to wear. 
  2. If she feels skinny aka not bloated.
  3. If there's a guy that she's trying to piss off.
  4. If she is in the mood to make bad decisions but can only justify it them when drinking. ie. texting an ex, eating pizza at 3am etc... 
  5. If her hair looks extra nice today. (This often results in going out on a Monday)
  6. If she's afraid of missing out on the "best night ever." 
  7. If she feels like dancing will sufficiently replace her work out for the day. 
  8. If she hasn't had sex in a long time and feels like tonight might be the night to change that.
  9. If she just watched Sex and the City or any number of movies that make going out with the girls, making bad decisions and getting fucked up look appealing.  
  10. If she thinks she might run into a certain somebody that she is still not over. 
  11. Because her friends guilt her into it and she has absolutely no say in the matter. (Phrases like "don't be a loser," "you're so lame." Are often used to get the job done.)