Whatever Happened To Romance?

Whatever Happened To Romance? chronicles the real life dating mishaps of author K.T. Edwards as she searches for her Prince Charming- one questionable decision at a time.                           

When your twenties are spent in two states of mind: drunk and hungover. The path to meeting the one, can often be obstructed by lowered inhibitions, "learning experiences," and very bad men. 

Whatever Happened To Romance? is a hilarious collection of true stories depicting exactly what it is like to be a modern-day single girl.                                                                       

K. T. Edwards at her book cover shoot. 

K. T. Edwards at her book cover shoot. 



Prologue: Whatever Happened To Romance

      It is 2012 and I have recently gotten out of a seven-month relationship with a man who cheated on me but is adamantly claiming that he did not. According to him we were really only “seeing each other” the entire time. Turns out that seeing each other means having sex regularly, going on vacation together, meeting the family, acting as his plus one at events and being by his side at the hospital during surgery.  (A classic case of a miscommunication.)    

     Growing up, I was just like any other kid - bombarded with images of Prince Charming and unrealistic expectations of how all boys would behave. Naturally, I was in for a rude awakening when I caught my first love, Daniel, with Zoe’s skirt over his head. In kindergarten. Between that, my obsession with Ricki Lake, and walking in on my mum and her new “friend” at age five, I quickly learned that the kind of romance you see in the movies or read about in fairy tales was not going to be easy to find.   

     Sure, there are some girls that manage to find happy relationships with normal guys. Then there’s the rest of us; the single girls. The ones who feel incredibly ripped off, having spent our twenties dating all the wrong types of men. Men that are only great at one thing: breaking our hearts and leaving us single, yet again, sobbing into our mascara-stained pillows after a rowdy night of binge drinking.     

     Why is it so easy for some girls to enter into a functioning adult relationship with Mr. Right? While the rest of us end up feeling like undateables waiting on the sidelines? Don't get me wrong - we still date. In fact, we attract an abundant amount of men. They just happen to be Mr. Narcissism, Mr. Drug Addict, Mr. Pervert, Mr. Clinger, and Mr. Man Whore. For as long as I can remember, I have been in pursuit of love. Yet every time I get close, it somehow implodes before I can achieve that elusive happy ending.     

     Of course, what makes matters even worse is the unsolicited input of outsiders who think they know exactly what your devastating love life needs. People love to say how fun it is to be single, but inevitably these are the people that are already in relationships and don't actually have to survive in the dating world? Dating is not always fun. In fact, it can be down right mortifying...