Whatever Happened To Romance

Whatever Happened To Romance? is the debut novel of K. T. Edwards. 

The book chronicles the real life dating mishaps of K. T. Edwards as she searches for her Prince Charming-  one questionable decision at a time. 

When your twenties are spent in two states of mind: drunk and hungover. The path to meeting the one, can often be obstructed by "learning experiences," lowered inhibitions and very bad men. 

"Whatever Happened To Romance?" is a hilarious collection of true stories  depicting exactly what it's like to be a modern day single girl. 

Available on Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S1LXZNE


Advance Praise 

"Whatever Happened To Romance? is the Sex and The City of our generation! K.T. Edwards is honest, witty and very funny!" 
"Whatever Happened To Romance?  is the perfect read for any girl who's ever dealt with a pervert, a cheater, an unavailable man, a narcissist, an alcoholic, a mama's boy and any other type of douchebag! A must have for every bookshelf!" 
"The stories in Whatever Happened to Romance? are hysterical and entirely relatable! A perfect reminder of how fun it is to be a woman!" 
"Break ups suck! But this laugh out loud book made me feel a thousand times better about being single!"
"Whatever Happened To Romance? made me feel like waiting for the right one is totally worth it! Not only are the stories funny but there are some really great lessons in there about love and dating!"